Study in United States of America

Study in the USA

There are plenty universities offers a good number of courses including certificate and degree courses available at multiple levels in the United States of America. The USA is a place that accommodates every global citizen for their higher education and further life. Fly Grad team helps the aspiring the student community with right solution based on the profile. Associate Study

Community and Junior Colleges: provide a two-year course beyond high school or secondary school. Courses are either Terminal, leading to employment, or Academic, preparing the student for transfer to a four-year college or university where he/she will complete his/her education. Graduates of junior colleges are usually awarded an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Sciences (A.S.) degree.

Undergraduate study

Almost all the Community Colleges and universities in the USA offers a bachelor’s degree for international students. The bachelor’s degree in the USA either a three-year course or a four-year course after senior secondary school education. The popular courses like Computer Science, Electronics, Aeronautical, Mechanical engineering, and basic sciences are attracting the foreign students in a big number to the USA every year and leading to employment, or Academic, preparing the students for further higher education including masters and doctoral studies. Graduates of these courses are usually awarded a bachelor’s degree with post work permit for up to 3 years. Research oriented education at undergrad level is the advantage in the USA.

Graduate Study

Graduate courses like masters and Ph.D. were offered by most of the universities in the USA with world-class research facilities. Most of the graduate from the USA will enter into the MNC companies with attractive salaries. Many students will gain a world-class masters and also complete their doctoral degrees with their research experience and achievements. Almost all the grad schools provide post-study work permit up to 3 years to gain the industry experience at global level. The graduates from the USA will typically obtain the degrees like

  • The Master’s Degree
  • The Doctorate Degree

Non-Degree Students

Students wishing to take courses without enrolling for a degree may apply to register as special students. Colleges and universities are increasingly reluctant to accept special students, unless they are enrolled for a degree in some other institution and are seeking instruction which is not available in the other institution. Non-degree students do not have access to all the facilities that degree students are able to use, such as limited access to library and computer facilities, and often there is a limitation on the number of credits they can take.

Professional Training

Training for many professions may only be taken as postgraduate study. Thus a law degree takes three years after completion of a four-year Bachelor’s degree; medicine takes four years after a Bachelor’s degree, and social work two. In other professional fields such as dentistry, veterinary medicine and architecture, four years of general college work is usually required before admission to the four-year professional program.

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